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If the walls of Children's Hospital of Illinois could talk, what would they say? They would tell stories of four-year-old heroes and cancerous villains. They would share moments of incredible sorrow, but also tears of redemption and joy. They would start a slow clap for every staff member that, day after day, gives everything they have to make a difference. And above all else, they would spread the message that when we all come together, the impossible is possible.

During 12 Days of Giving - November 27 through December 8 - we'll share the stories of Children's Hospital of Illinois in a Facebook storytelling series. You'll see and feel the everyday struggles, emotions and triumphs these patients, families and caregivers face. At times, it will be hard to read because childhood illness and disease is one of life’s greatest injustices. But keep reading because it is important that their voices are heard. And then share, discuss or repost to help us change the future for them. 

November 27 to December 8

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Celebration will end with 93.3 The Drive For Miracles Radiothon on December 8.




From our hearts to yours—THANK YOU for making the 30 years of Telethon so successful! We know this new event will also have an unforgettable impact on the future of children’s health and ensure Children’s Hospital of Illinois will continue delivering world-class care for generations to come.

Would you or your group like to be involved in 12 Days of Giving? We'd love to have your involvement! Please contact the Foundation office at (309) 566-5666.  

Don't want to wait until November to show your support? You can make a donation by clicking on the “Donate to Children’s Hospital” button any time.  


The Impact of Giving

Did you know: 


  • The general pediatric unit cared for 3,753 children in 2015
  • The emergency department treated 16,687 children last year
  • The Congenital Heart Center performs approximately 250 to 300 surgical procedures every year and has performed over 6,000 surgical procedures since the program began in 1980 

Every gift you make to Children's Hospital of Illinois touches the lives of children and their families. Thank you for your support! 


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