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LemonAid Stands & Birthday Bashes!

=Images= | Care Champs LogoCEFCU has partnered with Children's Hospital of Illinois to help children and youth groups turn lemons into lemon "aid" and hold a party with purpose! Children are invited to help kids who are in the hospital because they're not feeling well by holding a LemonAid Stand or a birthday bash. The money raised will be used to buy special equipment to help kids heal, allow teachers to help kids keep up on their homework, and purchase toys or activities to make kids feel better while they're in the hospital.

LemonAid Stand details are outlined below.  Interested in a birthday bash?  Click here.

Participating is easy! A complete LemonAid Stand kit has been designed to help plan the event. The free kits are available at any Peoria CEFCU Member Center or the Children's Hospital of Illinois Foundation office at 4541 N. Prospect Road in Peoria Heights.


What's in the Kit?

  • 1 LemonAid Stand Location Information sheet
  • 1 Return envelope
  • 15 invitations
  • 1 money box
  • 50 thank you stickers

How Can My Stand Be Successful?

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  1. Pick a date to have your LemonAid Stand.
  2. Send out invitations to your family and friends to come to your LemonAid Stand.
  3. Decorate your box however you would like! Be Creative!
  4. Please give a “thank you” sticker to each person who makes a donation! If you have someone who would like to make their donation by check, they can make it out to Children’s Hospital of Illinois.
  5. We’d love to include photos of your stand on our website! Send pictures of you during your LemonAid Stand to childrenshospitalfoundation@osfhealthcare.org.
  6. Once your LemonAid Stand is over and you’ve cleaned up your LemonAid Stand, count all of the money you’ve raised to help other kids. Then give us a call at 309.566.5666 to arrange a time to deliver your money box to our office. We’ll put your dollars to work in helping kids feel better!

Your donation will put smiles on the faces of many sick children!!! Be sure to check out our Birthday Bash Care Champ program.

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