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Tributes are a great way to honor friends or loved ones, commemorate special occasions AND help make miracles happen! To make a tribute donation online, simply fill out the the donation form indicating the honoree and her or his address in the space provided. We will send a letter informing the honoree of your special gift made in his or her name.


When a loved one passes away, we often find comfort in celebrating her or his life and how they touched ours. A memorial donation can be a touching tribute that shares your loved one’s life with others while allowing him or her to make a final positive impact on the world he or she has left. The appropriate family member(s) will receive an acknowledgment of your gift, which we hope provides great comfort in their time of grief.

To make a memorial online, simply fill out the donation form indicating the name of your loved one and the contact information for his or her family member in the space provided.

For more information about Tribute and Memorial gifts, contact:

The OSF Healthcare Foundation Office

Phone: 309.566.5666

530 NE Glen Oak Avenue · Peoria, Illinois 61637 · 877.574.5678
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