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Giving Back for Greater Impact


Your Passion

You are the Mission of OSF, “serving persons with the greatest care and love.” As a dedicated caregiver of the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Illinois community, you have a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals in need. Your OSF Foundation team is blessed to see the Mission in action and share with others the remarkable work you do.


Your Choice

We want the hard-earned money you donate to support the hospital service area you choose. Through collaboration with hospital administration, eight areas and Care Centers have been identified as priorities including:

  • Above and Beyond Fund: This fund helps employees and patients in need of financial assistance.
  • Endowments: Endowments provide long term funding sources forever using revenue from the endowment’s investments. Donations can be made to the OSF Endowment fund or the Hospice Home Endowment fund.
  • Children’s Hospital Care Centers: These eight areas within Children’s Hospital serve our smallest patients and their families with the highest quality pediatric health care.


Make Your Impact

To make your greater impact, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Download the employee pledge form - Click to Download
  2. Print and complete the pledge form indicating your giving option and amount (payroll deduct, PTO, or gift of cash).
  3. Choose the area you wish to support on page 2.
  4. Return your form to the Foundation office through in-house mail.

If you were an automatic-renewal donor through pay-roll deduction, you need not do anything – your impact will continue this year (If you wish to increase your donation amount or change your designation, follow the above three easy steps)!

Please consider joining the team of employee givers if you have not already done so. Your pledge form can be returned the Foundation office by August 22 through in-house mail. Questions? Contact Rachel Gudeman at 309.566.5655 or Rachel.A.Gudeman@osfhealthcare.org.


Above & Beyond Days

A gentleman from Rushville, Illinois felt hopeless when he learned he needed outpatient rehab in Peoria. How would he make the 3-hour round trip drive every day? How could he pay for gas after losing his job due to his injury? Staying at Family House was an option, but even the reasonable reduced rate was a hardship for his family. Imagine his relief when he learned the Above & Beyond Fund could help pay for his stay at Family House, allowing him to get the outpatient services he needed to improve his health and return to work. This is the goal of the Above & Beyond Fund – to support the additional needs of our patients and employees.

You can help support this fund through Above & Beyond Days in the 700 Auditorium. Bid on baskets filled with goodies and must-haves! To learn more about the Above and Beyond Days Silent Basket Auction and ways you can get involved, contact Mari Osborne at 309.566.5671 with questions.

Ways to Give | Above and Beyond Auction

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