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It's no secret that time spent in a hospital isn’t what many consider to be "enjoyable." But that doesn’t mean we can't do our part to make it more so. From day one, our Mission has always been to serve our patients with the greatest care and love. And when it came to building a new facility, we wanted that Mission to influence everything we did — which led to the creation of a true healing environment.

Milestone | The New Children's Hospital of Illinois and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

A true healing environment looks beyond basic function of a hospital, and takes patients emotional and spiritual needs consideration, as well as their physical needs to ensure:

  • Better Sleep
  • Employees experience less stress, better health, and higher job satisfaction
  • Fewer Medication Errors
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Shorter Length Stay
  • Lower Infections Rates
  • Lower Mortality
  • Reduced Pain Medication
  • Reduction in Falls
  • Improved Staff Accuracy and effectiveness
  • Patients actually heal faster, require less medication and spend less time in the hospital

From the quality of the patient rooms to the corridors to the public spaces, we focused on ways to encourage emotional well being for our patients. In addition to installing the most advanced equipment available throughout the entire facilty, natural lighting, soothing colors, music and artwork all found their way into the design of our new hospital. We worked to reduce noise by locating patient rooms as far away from service areas as possible and took every opportunity to provide patients with the utmost privacy and access to their loved ones.

In the end, we find that all of our research and hard work has led to the creation of a hospital that not only mirrors the warmth and compassion of our staff and Mission, but is setting the standard for health care in the region.

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