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Here at OSF HealthCare Children's Hospital of Illinois, we’re blessed to witness different types of miracles every day. Some are major medical breakthroughs, others are simple moments of joy when we’re able to make a sick child smile. We invite you to explore the stories of these Everyday Miracles, made possible by the generous gifts we receive from our faithful supporters. You’ll find examples & confirmation of the hope, faith, generosity & inspiration that exists here at Children's Hospital and among all of our partners.   

Melody Heart Valve Procedure Now Available

There’s an innovative way to care for hearts at Children’s Hospital, and it means fewer surgeries and faster recovery times.  Children’s Hospital of Illinois is the first in the state outside of Chicago to offer the Melody Heart Valve procedure.  Learn how it’s helping patients like Jessica in this article from the Peoria Journal Star.


At just two-years-old, James Maughan developed a rare strain of bacterial meningitis that rapidly attacked his body, causing his organs to fail. Yet the brave boy, along with doctors at Children's Hospital of Illinois, faced the deadly infection head on to save James' life. Doctors amputated his leg, hand, and finger to stop the spread of infection. James also had many blood transfusions. Less than one year later, James is growing ever stronger. He uses a prosthetic and does physical therapy. His parents welcome those facts as milestones, adding it's a miracle their son survived. "He's going to be one of the people who set standards on how others with disabilities can live their lives," said James' father. 



Amelia Wells discovers something new about the world each day. Born deaf, she experienced her first year of life without sound. Through a series of tests and surgeries, doctors at Children's Hospital fitted Amelia with cochlear implants. This innovative system picks up sounds from the environment, allowing Amelia to hear. With aural rehabilitation and speech therapy she's adjusting to the implants and experiencing the joys of music, speech, and song along the way.



Emerson Stoops was born with two holes in his heart and transposed arteries causing oxygen-poor blood to flow through this body. At six days old he had surgery to correct this problem. Shortly before his first birthday he underwent a procedure to improve his heart function, but an abnormal muscle growth and leaking valve caused his heart to fail. The brave boy underwent two more open heart surgeries within two weeks to save his life and is getting stronger each day. His parents say the future is bright and thank Children's Hospital for its care and support.   



Scarlett Merida McLean surprised her parents by arriving 12 weeks early. Born November 5, 2013, Scarlett weighed just 1 pound 5 ounces and required lots of attention from nurses in the Children's Hospital of Illinois neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Using a giraffe bed, (a unique bed similar to an incubator that safeguards infants from outside germs), staff recreated the environment of a womb, setting the temperature and air quality to a level safe for Scarlett to thrive. After more than 3 months in the giraffe bed, Scarlett is home with her family, where she continues to inspire endless laughs and smiles. 

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