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=Images= | Care Champs LogoMany individuals have the Mission of Children’s Hospital of Illinois in their heart and want to assist children and families served by the hospital-this includes youth in our community. We are so blessed to have the support of young donors and recognize this group as our Care Champs. 

Care Champs have contributed to Children’s Hospital of Illinois in a number of ways. They have collected coloring books and crayons for our patients, donated toys or money from a Birthday Bash, made blankets, sold handmade bracelets, held a LemonAid Stand and held small fundraisers to benefit Children’s Hospital.

If you or a child you know are interested in becoming a Care Champ, please contact the Foundation office at 309.566.5666.

Here are a few stories from our generous Care Champs:

Kayley Barton

Kayley Barton is no stranger to Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Kayley spent her 7th birthday in the hospital and during her stay she enjoyed reading books provided by the Pediatric Classroom. She has visited several times since being discharged, bringing donations to the classroom with her each time. She stopped by again with over 600 books and 10 pillow pals in tow! Inspired to help make a hospital stay a little easier on other kids, Kayley asked those attending her 9th birthday party to bring a pillow pet for a child in the hospital. Her Bartonville Grade School also helped with the initiative by holding a book drive with a competition between the classes.

Sydney Becker & Madison Schwindenhammer

Sydney Becker and Madison Schwindenhammer wanted to do something to help the kids at Children’s Hospital of Illinois. The young ladies decided to create “Teddy Bears for Hope”. The girls collected a variety of Beanie Babies and then made small scarves and hats for each animal. In total they were able to donate 26 cute stuffed animals to be given to the children receiving care at our hospital.

Olivia Tharp

Sometimes it is the smallest of individuals who have the biggest heart. Olivia Tharp from Bartonville is a perfect example of this. Six year old Olivia saw her little brother wasn’t feeling well due to a cold and decided she wanted to help sick children. “I thought I should give my money toward the kids that are really sick,” Olivia shared. She told her parents, Justin & Jessica, about her idea and they began giving her a variety of tasks around the house that she could be paid for. An inspiration to members of her family, they also began matching the money Olivia had saved. Olivia delivered her allowance totaling $201 to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois Foundation. After learning about the many ways the hospital helps sick children, Olivia decided she wanted her donation to be used to purchase toys, books and games that can make a child’s stay at the hospital a little easier.

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